Light Housekeeping and Homemaking Solutions in Reno

Maintaining your own home can be demanding, especially when you’re also responsible for assisting a senior family member with theirs. We understand the challenges of balancing these responsibilities, particularly when you want your aging loved one to maintain their independence at home. That’s where Lend a Hand comes in. We provide assistance with household chores that your senior family member may no longer be able to manage, helping to ease your burden and restore your peace of mind.

A caregiver holds and helps a older client at home, representing the type of quality caregivers that can help with light housekeeping in Reno.


Light Housekeeping in Reno

Our Homemaking Services in Reno cater to individuals who require support in managing their homes. While helping an aging-in-place senior maintain their home may seem straightforward, the reality is that individuals with busy day-to-day commitments and their own households to manage can find it overwhelming to allocate time and energy to assist their aging family members in keeping their homes in order.

Lend a Hand offers the essentials to create a safe and well-organized environment for your senior loved one in Reno.

Exceptional Care from an Exceptional Agency

Our goal is to provide education and services that encourage well-being and redefine what aging care can be.

We emphasize recruiting and retaining team members who are passionate about personal growth and making a difference in their communities and in the lives of others, and we welcome creative ideas to continue improving.





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