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Employment Information

At Lend a Hand Home Care, we believe that caregivers should feel empowered to bring the best version of themselves to work, each and every day.

That’s why if you’re looking to be a caregiver in Reno, NV or the nearby areas, Lend a Hand Home Care is the agency for you! By working alongside the greater Reno area aging community and striving to make an impact in the daily lives of others, we believe that caregivers are the backbone of Lend a Hand Home Care, motivating us to create a rewarding work experience and foster an environment of support and growth.

Our Core Values and Work Culture

We Listen to our care team and strive to build relationships that are committed to making a difference in the lives of older adults and in our team members.

We Support our caregivers by offering competitive wages, employee benefits, a respectful and fun environment, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We Empower our caregivers to take pride in knowing that the help they provide clients makes a real and significant difference in the life of an older adult and his or her family, and thereby the local community at large.

Core Values:

We are Kind – Friendly, Generous, Compassionate, and Considerate

We are Professional – Reliable, Trustworthy, Engaged with a Standard of Excellence

We are Lighthearted – Cheerfully Optimistic and Hopeful Regardless of the Situation

We are Authentic – Genuine, True, and Honest

As a locally owned and operated home care agency, our mission is to improve the lives of clients, families, our team, and the community by delivering exceptional home care services and by committing to the highest standards of honesty, reliability, and transparency in all of our actions. With the help of advanced technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work, Lend a Hand Home Care aims to support aging adults with forward-thinking business practices that allow us to deliver consistently high levels of quality care.

Our goals at Lend a Hand Home Care are to help seniors maintain dignity, independence, and a sense of purpose while ensuring that staff and caregivers are recognized for their meaningful work. We do this by matching caregivers and clients based on personality and skill level, by providing ongoing caregiver training and professional development opportunities, and by supporting employees through competitive wages and benefits.

Lend a Hand Home Care was built on the foundation of providing exceptional aging care that encourages older adults to continue enjoying the many opportunities in northern Nevada. We focus on providing care with the utmost respect and believe that by investing in our caregivers and staff, we can ensure that older members of our community feel cared for, protected, and respected.

employer of choice

We work with a third-party satisfaction measurement firm, Home Care Pulse, to survey our employees about their experience working with Lend a Hand Home Care. Based on those surveys, we have achieved Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice status, which signifies a high level of employee satisfaction in the areas of training, work ethic, communication, compassion, and more.

Learning and Development Program

We recognize that caregiving can be challenging, both emotionally and physically, which is why we seek to provide team members with the support and training necessary to excel in their roles.

Lend a Hand caregivers receive comprehensive and robust onboarding, ongoing training with experts and specialists in fields of interest, and access to an extensive library of resources through Care Academy to ensure caregivers are confident in meeting a wide variety of client needs. Additionally, we match new caregivers with experienced members of our team to provide mentorship, support, and advice from the perspective of a peer who understands the challenges and high points of caring for seniors.

Lend a Hand Home Care utilizes Home Care Pulse to collect unbiased caregiver reviews to assess job satisfaction and also collects client reviews of our services to measure satisfaction with our caregiving team.

Career Paths at a Growing Company

As Lend a Hand Home Care grows, we see the role of caregiving as a rewarding career and strive to establish a workplace culture where employees have opportunities for continued training and professional advancement and certifications.

We invest in our caregivers and in our local community by providing career opportunities for Reno-area residents, using advanced hiring practices to attract and retain the right people interested in a rewarding career and who are motivated by the opportunity to make a difference.

At Lend a Hand Home Care, we’re invested in forward-thinking individuals who are driven to think creatively about caregiving and who work hard to support and care for northern Nevada’s aging community, always with the utmost respect.

Employee Benefits

In addition to an ongoing, comprehensive training and certification program for both new and veteran members of the team and a commitment to professional advancement opportunities, we invest in our team by providing:

  • Competitive pay
  • Bonuses

  • Direct deposit
  • Mentoring
  • Learning and development
  • Ongoing skills enhancement opportunities
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Health insurance
  • Recognition and team celebrations

Staff Testimonials

My clients are a good match because they’ve already been screened by Lend a Hand and my employer knows my capabilities. I’ve been here for many years and I tell everybody about them.

Alan D.

Lend a Hand tries really hard to make sure that we are compatible with clients on a variety of levels. I’ve worked for them for many years and they treat us very well.

Steve L.

Lend a Hand is really good at basing the match with clients off of your hours and schedule. I like that I can set my own hours and make my own schedule.

Dovonna A.

They seem to place you right where you need to be. If you need a job, they try to place you as quickly as they can.

Happy Caregiver

I like that the people who run the agency are in it for the right reasons. They are there to take care of the elderly community. And I think they hit all the bullet points with the training. It’s a good combination of classes and one-on-one training.

Eileen C.

They really care about their caregivers and clients. They are flexible on working with you if you need a day off for any reason and the training is easy to access.

Patricia S.

Lend a Hand shows appreciation by thanking me for my work and I liked that their training got really in-depth about client and hospice care. I would tell friends that they are very nice and compassionate people.

Arleen M.

Current Open Positions

Competitive Wages | Overtime Pay | Paid & Sick Vacation Days | Flexible Shifts

There are currently no vacancies.