Lend A Hand Home Care announced today that it has received the 2023 Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice Award from HCP. The Employer of Choice Award is granted only to the top-ranking home care providers, based on employee satisfaction scores gathered by HCP, an independent satisfaction research firm. Lend A Hand Home Care is recognized among the best employers of in-home caregivers in the region.

“We’re excited to congratulate Lend A Hand Home Care for their well-deserved achievement: earning the Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice Award,” says Todd Austin, President of HCP. “Since this award is based on employee feedback, it shows the dedication Lend A Hand Home Care has to provide their employees with a great working experience, ensuring clients have well-trained, compassionate caregivers.”

Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice award-winning providers work with HCP to gather caregiver feedback via live phone interviews each month. Because HCP is an independent company, it is able to collect honest and unbiased feedback.

We are truly thrilled to receive this award. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the best caregivers in the region! We are also pleased to have raised caregiver pay rates by an average of $5/hr in 2022 and thereby leading our industry. Caregivers have an exceedingly difficult job and rewarding their excellence is always a top priority!” – Russ Graeff, Executive Director.

“At HCP, our mission is to help home care businesses create an experience beyond client and employee expectations,” says Todd Austin, President of Home Care Pulse. “When we see agencies like Lend A Hand Home Care that provides a truly outstanding employment experience, we know we’re on the right track. Lend A Hand Home Care has worked extremely hard to provide high-quality care and employment, and their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. This award allows them to provide proof of quality to potential clients and caregivers.”

About Lend A Hand Home Care

As a locally owned and operated home care agency, our mission is to improve the lives of clients, families, our team, and the community by delivering exceptional home care services and by committing to the highest standards of honesty, reliability, and transparency in all of our actions. With the help of advanced technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work, Lend a Hand Home Care aims to support aging adults with forward-thinking business practices that allow us to deliver consistently high levels of quality care.

Our goals at Lend a Hand Home Care are to help seniors maintain dignity, independence, and a sense of purpose while ensuring that staff and caregivers are recognized for their meaningful work. We do this by matching caregivers and clients based on personality and skill level, by providing ongoing caregiver training and professional development opportunities, and by supporting employees through competitive wages and benefits.

Lend a Hand Home Care was built on the foundation of providing exceptional aging care that encourages older adults to continue enjoying the many opportunities in northern Nevada. We focus on providing care with the utmost respect and believe that by investing in our caregivers and staff, we can ensure that older members of our community feel cared for, protected, and respected.

About HCP

HCP lead the home-based care industry in experience managementtraining, and reputation management. Through its Care Intelligence Platform, HCP empowers providers in home care, home health, and hospice to attract and retain employees during workforce shortages. HCP also conducts the annual Benchmarking Report, the most comprehensive survey of providers in North America, and administers Best of Home Care awards to agencies that achieve best-in-class satisfaction scores.  For more information, visit https://www.homecarepulse.com/.