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How to Build a Successful Career in Home Care: Tips for New and Experienced Caregivers

According to recent estimates, there are approximately five million direct caregivers in the U.S., many of which assist clients in their private residences. As an in-home caregiver in Northern Nevada, climbing the caregiving career ladder takes planning, preparation, and perseverance. Whether you are new to the home care game or a seasoned pro, what follows are ways to find personal fulfillment while getting the most out of your caregiving experience.

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What Are the Duties of a Professional Caregiver?

With the demand for direct-care workers projected to rise dramatically over the next decade, caregiving is also one of the few recession-proof professions. If this interests you, read on to learn more about what a typical day might look like once you’ve embarked on your exciting new career as a professional caregiver.

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